The American Cheetahs (Miracinonyx sp) are big cats from the subfamily felinae.


Common Name: American Cheetah

Binomial Epithet: Miracinonyx sp;

Diet: Live Prey; Scavaned Carcasses; They also eat extinct goats, sheep and some times pronglongs

Closest Living Realtives: Onza; Mountain Lion

Dangers: Man; Mastodonts; Mammoths; Bears; American Lion; Scimitar; Saber-toothed cat;

Size: The Size of a Mountain Lion;

Location(s): Alqonquin Sea Area; Central America; Pacific Northwest; Southwest Desert;


Despite its name, the american Cheetah is actually very closely related to the genus Puma, only one species (Trumani) is even remeniscent of the African Cheetah Acinonyx.

Species & SubspeciesEdit

Miracinonyx has three official species:

  • M. Studeri (Nootka Cheetah) - Western Canada; North-Western U.S.
  • M. Trumani (American Cheetah) - Southwest U.S.
  • M. Inexpectatus (Eastern Cheetah) - Northeast North America
  • M. Species (see Below)

The Species only have nominate subspecies.


In Central America, a cryptid big cat was shot that somewhat resembled a cougar but with a bizzare coat pattern. The locals call the animal Onza, latin for cheetah.

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