• Elephant777

    White Winds

    June 3, 2018 by Elephant777

    Are you interested in supporting a story that provides a in-depth story that is from a prehistoric animal's perspective?  Well here is your chance to support White Winds.  A historical animal fiction story set in the prime time of the Ice Age

    If anyone is remotely interested, here is a link to the actual site:

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  • ExtinctAnimalStudier

    who is the founder of this wkia? what is the first page? is the first page still here today or is it deleted?. if you know edit this and say the answer to the question which answer you know.

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  • Yen-ui Chuang

    Hi everyone, I would like to edit another wiki that I created called natural wikia. It is new, and needs help, like a baby. Please can people come, so we can progress and build a bigger wikia community. This is the url

    (Please come, we really need help)

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