Deinosuchus was one of the largest crocs ever, over 10 m long and 7 tonnes, this was the largest, crocodilian of all time,


rivalled only by the 11 m Sarcosuchus who is 15 tonnes.

Facts Edit

It was a top predator that may have preyed on smaller dinosaurs, laying in wait in the shallows like modern crocodiles, and then lunging out of the water, dragging down their prey.


Deinosuchus lived in what is now Texas and neighboring areas 75 to 65 million years ago. Back then, the states were split into tree pieces surrounded by the Interior Seaway, a huge, shallow sea. It probably lived on coasts and in estuaries, hunting for prey. This habitat was most likely tropical to sub-tropical enriched with marches. Deinosuchus lived alongside dinosaurs such as Parasauralophus and Tyrannosaurus (it may have competed with the latter).

In other mediaEdit

Deinosuchus appeared in, as a minor character in a walking with.. special, (Land of the Giants). It was seen basking in the sun until a juvenile female argintinosaurus walked by, and confronted it.