Megalodon closeup
Megalodon was a shark that lived 28 to about 1.5 million years ago and was the BIGGEST shark of all time, growing up to 50 ft or more, weighing 50 - 70 tons, and was 3x the size of a great white shark . The teeth of a megalodon were 7 in. long, and big enough to bite deep into a whale . This shark is so gigantic it could swallow a great white whole . 8 people in total could fit in a megalodons jaws ! Megalodon was also a whale killer. It would attack the whale from below and is most likley predicted to bite its fin off first so it wont swim away . When a megalodon attacked,  a special piece of skin would slide in to protect its eyes, since sight isnt neccasary once it targets its prey.

Do you think this monster stands a chance with a pack of brygmophysters? Search on youtube megalodon battle the video is 10 minutes and 23 seconds long. Note: this was written by a 11 yr old named Roberto vasquez. Thanks for reading!Edit