Type Species:

Raptorex kriegsteini

Discovered in: Yixian Formation, Liaoning Province, China

Age: Early Cretaceous; Barremian - Aptian

This dinosaur was discovered in 2009 in China. It is known from a partially complete skeleton, missing parts of the arm and tail. It belongs to the tyrannosaurs, but its body is much smaller than the typical tyrannosaurs like the infamous Tyrannosaurus. The fossils belong to a juvenile, but the adult must have been almost three meters long. In reports, it has been remarked to being 1/100 of the size of Tyrannosaurus with similar anatomy. It is also the earliest tyrannosaurid.

In life, it was lightly built, with long running legs. However its arms remain small in comparison to body size - a trend that continues into later tyrannosaurids. Like Tyrannosaurus, Raptorex had an enlarged olfactory bulb in its brain, meaning it had a keen sense of smell.