Sarcosuchus was a massive crocodilian from the [Cretaceous] of South America. It lived alongside various dinosaurs, but unlike Deinosuchus, Sarcosuchus had a narrow snout and probably did not feed on dinosaurs.

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 More probably, it was a fish eater/Piscovore. After expert studying again, the skull of the teeth and discover it hunt small to big dinosaurs as well ambushing their prey in the river bank like the mordern crocodile. Contrary to popular belief, Sarcosuchus and Giganotosaurus did not overlap; the crocodile lived ten million years before the dinosaur evolved.


Sarcosuchus looked a bit like the modern gharial but much, much larger. When fully grown, Sarcosuchus may have reached 11 meters in length, around the average size of Deinosuchus, but slimmer.

Sarcosuchus is knowm mostly from its skull. Like Deinosuchus, its skull was nearly two metres long, but the jaws were narrow, probably for sweeping through schools of fish, But however, in lately scientisit expert discover that the teeth of the mouth is similar to Nile Crocodile which may suggest that the creature not only just hunting fishes but also hunting other prey such as big as the Jaw can get like the Iguanodon and some other herbivore . Based on the skull, the size of Sarcosuchus can be properly estimated. These estimates show that it probably weighed over a ton, but was in fact lightly built compared to Deinosuchus. In the water Sarcosuchus would have been deadly, snatching up multiple fish repeatedly. Its lightly built body means that Sarcosuchus was probably faster than other giant crocodiles, such as Deinosuchus and Phobosuchus.


Locations The first Sarcosuchus remains were discovered in South America and named Sarcosuchus imperator by Phillipe Taquet and France de Broin. Indeed, most Sarcosuchus remains come from South America; however further remains have been discovered in Africa.

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