Tyrannosaurus rex (Ethymology: tyrant+lizard+king) was the last-Cretaceous coelurosaurian/Carnosaurs theropod and among the largest known carnivorous dinosaurs.

Facts[edit | edit source]

Tyrannosaurus Size[edit | edit source]

Among the aspects that sparked most public attention is T. rex size; at the time it was found it was the biggest known theropod, and it remains the biggest theropod known from well-preserved skeletons, the largest being FMNH PR 2081, nicknamed sue.

Known adult T. rex specimens range from 12-13m in total lenght, and probably massed between 6 and 10t. There are over 30 more or less well-preserved individuals known, several of them being decent skeletons.

The largest known skull also belongs to Sue, at 1.6m in total lenght. Adult T. rex were probably roughly 4m tall above the hip with apex of the neck being elevanted a few centimeters higher.

Anatomy of Tyrannosaurus[edit | edit source]

Tyrannosaurus rex was among the bulkiest large theropods. Among it's most notable features are the very broad skull, neck and chest area, and a proportionally shorter tail than most other tetanurans.

The massive, sturdy and shock-absorbing skull and adductor musculature are indicative of a tremendously strong bite force even for giant theropod standards, likely exceeding ~6t. The expanded posterior cranium allowed for forward-facing eyes and binocular vision.

The brain cavity is comparatively big, and displays particularly large olfactory bulbs. The brain is proportioned more similar to that of birds than that of other giant theropods.

It's pelvis and tighs were robust and likely very well-muscled, and the long, slender legs and elongated pedes suggest a fast-moving animal with a comparatively high top speed.

It's arms on the other hand are only slightly bigger than a humans, making them smaller and more gracile than most other theropod arms, however studies showed it's biceps to have been capable of lifting a weight of 200kg nevertheless.

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Environment[edit | edit source]

Tyrannosaurus lived 75-66 million years ago, in North America. Tyrannosaurus would have hunted herbivores like ceratopsians, hadrosaurs and ankylosaurs, which were abundant in it's geological and geographical range.

Tyrannosaurus Stats

  • Name Means: Tyrant Lizard
  • Pronouciation: tie-RAN-o-SORE-us
  • Length: 12.2 metres (40 feet)
  • Maximum Length: 13m (42 feet)
  • Height: 13 feet
  • Maximum height: 16.5 feet (5 metres)
  • Maximum Weight: 5 to 9 tonnes
  • When it lived: 67 to 65 mya
  • Where: North America and Europe
  • Diet: Alamosaurus, Ornithopod`s,Carrion, Ceratopsines`s.


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